Global Branding

We assist clients to establish their branding presence overseas with a comprehensive marketing strategy. Scroll down learn about our process.


What We Offer

| Strategic Growth

Brand positioning/architecture
Brand content strategies
Social media strategies
Cross-border business management strategy

| Visual Growth

Brand/product visual upscaling
Brand VI identification system
Product packaging design
Brand manuals/peripherals

| Sales Growth

Social Media Advertising TikTok/Bilibili/
Integrated e-commerce campaign
Integrated video production
Brand TikTok account incubation and operation

| User Asset Growth

Export qualification application
Private domain proxy operation
Domestic/foreign social media
marketing campaign
New product testing, iterating members
Operation and KOL cultivation

Our Process

Increase Brand Awareness

Enter International Markets

Increase Customer Base

Increase Sales

01 Project Analysis And Overseas Expansion Strategy

This involves determining the industry, preliminary cost requirements, and the target results of the project. For example, we gauge whether or not to cooperate with overseas distributors or operate independently

02 Market Analysis

We work to understand consumer profiles and the competitive landscape of the industry through overseas research, target customer surveys etc

03 Building A Brands Visual Identity

Upgrade the brand VI system according overseas market orientation, reshape logo, product packaging, and manuals

04 Applying For Export Qualifications

Upgrade the brand VI system according overseas market orientation, reshape logo, product packaging, and manuals

05 Establishing Promotion Strategies

Build promotion channels based on product and project characteristics as well as customer profiles

06 Creative Materials

Export high-exposure and high-conversion product stories, increase brand volume, and build a complete content communication system

07 Managing Cross-Border Business

Overseas warehousing, logistics, taxation, and operations team, and overseas subsidiary management

08 Expected Results

Analysing the expected results according to the planned solution to facilitate follow-up planning review and adjustment