Case Study

After years of exploration into worldwide branding and global sourcing, we have steadily established ourselves as our customers' business growth partners and have begun to cater to their many needs within one business line. After encountering both successful and unsuccessful situations, we progressively discovered that various business strategies had a magical effect.

Grado, founded in Hangzhou, China in 2014. It is an international furniture design brand integrating R&D, production and global sales. W&W has been helping furniture retailers in the UK to build up cooperation with Grado.

As part of our 2022 'Summer Project' we engaged with numerous companies in order to distribute their products to international students:

GiffGaff : Distributed 11,000 sim cards
UniKitOut : Partnership using a commission based system through the distribution of coupons
IAE Global : Delivery of sim cards

Kooywan is one of Amazon top- ranking bulb brands in the UK with manufacturing in China. W&W provids warehousing management service, including changing the labels and dispatch, also connect working system with their FBA warehouse.


Mesing Technology is a leading oral medical company in mainland China. Suffering the barrier of China-US trading war, Mesing Group cannot cooperate with US company. W&W then supported on supplier connection and negotiation, eventually helped Mesing achieved a long-term partnership with Bay Material.

China Supply Chain (CSC) is a web portal set up by Leading Education and Resource Network (LEARN), which is a non-profit organization set up in 2018 to support bilateral trade between UK/EU and China. W&W helps CSC establish VI system and promote branding exposure.

China Supply Chain (CSC)

Sunway Nut Inc is one of leading company focus on snacks and beverage trading in USA, cooperating with Costco, the team achieved 400% increase in recent years.
W&W signed long-term partnership contract with Sunway in 2021 and take in charge of most of their sourcing part in mainland China, served as contracted purchase department.

Xiangnian is a food company specialising in the instant noodle sector and decided to enter the US market in early 2022. W&W helped Xiangnian reshape their branding and produced English packaging in a low carbon, simple hand painted style in order to facilitate their transition into the American market.

W&W collaborated with ICN Business School to offer their MBA students intercultural communication training. The consultants from W&W delivered impressive workshops, contributed to the body of knowledge on cross-cultural communication, and partially addressed the issues with cross-cultural team management that their organisations were facing. They ’ve done this with a wealth of practical experience and systematic knowledge.

Oliabeau is a new beauty brand in the UK, cooperate with W&W during lockdown for customising and labelling their own products. W&W matches the best-value factories and also the followingshipping solutions, shorten shipping term from 2 months to 1 month.


Student Safe, a local UK company focus on safety service, would attract more Chinese students for expanding, W&W performed a detailed market research with a 300-people survey and interview.

Student Safe


"We have been working with W&W since October, 2021. W&W's team has always been responsible and responsive. They are very efficient at communicating, well overcoming the timezone difference problem. Our cooperation started from a distributor connection for grado furniture, and now we have decided to build up a long-term strategic partnership, that we will work together to further develop grado's market in Europe and the UK. W&W also help manage logistics solution for us. Looking forward to the future."

"We used W&W's overseas warehousing service to support our Amazon fulfilment. It was a very smooth and pleasant cooperation during those 3 months. Responses were always very patient, prompt, and effective, even though there was an 8-hour time difference. Most importantly, the price structure is super detailed, and the charge is very clear and transparent, therefore I can always track back easily and never found any errors. W&W is absolutely a trustworthy logistics partner. We will definitely come to W&W again when we need the service next time."