Global Sourcing

W&W has established connections with more than 1000+ manufacturers globally, that are highly qualified for import and export distributions, across various industries. Throughout the pandemic, our highly skilled team were able to connect with our long-term logistics partners and continuously provide excellent sourcing channels, reducing the disruption of the global supply chain and logistics systems.

By creating and executing successful strategies and ensuring close contact with both buyers and suppliers, W&W has continued to provide the expertise and outcome our clients are looking for.


Our Advantages

More Than 1,000 Factory Connections

With abundant resource, W&W always select the best-value factories for clients, grow as long-term partnership

End to End Supply Chain Management

W&W provide all-in-one solutions for clients, combine manufacturing, logistics, warehousing and other support

No Industry Limitation

W&W is constantly expanding, and we have developed our sourcing model to suit different industries, and satisfy the various demands of our clients

Save Cost

Only 5%-8% of sourcing amount, you could own a responsible and professional team as well as abundant resources globally

Rich Industry Experience

W&W has extensive industry experience and understands the market and consumers very well, with a wealth of experiences across industries such as furniture, food & beverages, telecommunications, and more. A large number of clients have established long-term partnerships with us

International Team

Our team is international, with a deep understanding of the local development path for overseas brands and efficient integration of local resources. This allows us to work across multiple markets and engage with many companies and facilities across the globe

Abundant Media Resources

We have long-term collaborations with multiple media platforms and high-quality Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), enabling us to have a deep understanding of different social circles


From the early stages to the later stages of the process, we provide one-stop services for overseas expansion. We emphasise achieving tangible results, and multiple projects have exceeded KPIs ahead of schedule

Sourcing Procedure

Match Manufacturer

According to your requirements, we will match the most suitable supplier and provide product details

Offer Quotation

A clear quotation will be sent with manufacturing cost and service price, also logistics cost if required

Deliver Samples

Samples usually can be provided for testing before formal order, while shipping cost is not included

Confirm Order

Confirm the order with manufacturer by signing contract, completing payment and arraning shipping

Logistics Procedure

W&W has set up all shipping routines, include air shipping, sea shipping and train shipping (some regions), match the best-value shipping solutions to clients.

The team with abundant logistic experience could manage different parts, from global shipping to duty support, even overseas warehousing and VAT claiming.

Your logistics experts with multiple routine

#1 Collect Package Size and Weight

Clients or manufacturers must provide shipping products' package details, including gross weight and size

#2 Provide a Quotation

A quotation with international shipping fee and custom clearing fee will be provided, together with shipping date

#3 Confirm Shipping Order

Clients response to the quotation and date, confirm the shpping order or discuss the problems

#4 Sign Contract and Make Payment

Clients sign the contract and arrange payment accordingly, the contract will protect product shipping safety

#5 Delivery

Arrange domestics delivery to the harbour, set in transportation. Clear customs when the products are due

Solutions tailored to your business


Verify and inspect the selected factory


Match manufacturing provider


Negotiate with Suppliers


Shipping arrangement


Negotiate with logistics company


Duty Support


VAT registration and claim


Rent Warehouse


Inventory Management


Change Labels and dispatch


Apply for certificate


Connect distributors and negotiate


Apply wholesale chanels

Mesing Technology is a leading oral medical company in Mainland China. Suffering the barrier of China-US trading war, Mesing Group cannot cooperate with US company. W&W then supported on supplier connection and negotiation, eventually helped Mesing achieved a long-term partnership with Bay Material.
W&W signed a long term partnership contract with Sunway in 2021 and partially took charge of their sourcing in Mainland China, Europe and East Asia, serving as a contracted purchase department.