Global Sourcing


W&W has established connections with more than 1000+ manufacturers globally, that are highly qualified for import and export distributions, across various industries. Throughout the pandemic, our highly skilled team were able to connect with our long-term logistics partners and continuously provide excellent sourcing channels, reducing the disruption of the global supply chain and logistics systems.

By creating and executing successful strategies and ensuring close contact with both buyers and suppliers, W&W has continued to provide the expertise and outcome our clients are looking for.

Standard Operating Procedure

  • Price Matching Manufacturers

According to requirements, we will match best value manufacturers for the product details given.

  • Sending Quotation

A clear quotation will be sent with manufacturing cost and service price, also logistics if required

  • Delivering Samples

A sample is provided for testing and checking before cooperating with the manufacturer (shipping fee not included)

  • Confirming Orders

After the order is confirmed with the manufacturer, a contract will be written up and payment and shipping will be dealt with.

"We used W&W's overseas warehousing service to support our Amazon fulfilment. It was a very smooth and pleasant cooperation during those 3 months.  Responses were always very patient,  prompt, and effective, even though there are 8-hour time difference. Most importantly, the price structure is super detailed, and the charge is very clear and transparent, therefore I can always track back easily and never found any errors.  W&W is absolutely a trustworthy logistics partner. We will definitely come to W&W again when we need the service next time"

- Yuan, Ecommerce Manager at Kooywan

Our Advantages

  • More than 1000 Factory Connections

We always select the best value factories for clients with the hopes of long term business relationships.

  • End to End Supply Chain Management

We provide an all in one solution for clients, combining manufacturing, logistics, warehousing and other support.

  • Not Limited to One Industry

We have expanded our sourcing model to different industries and always satisfy the needs of our clients.

Case Study : Mesing Group

Mesing Technology is a leading oral medical company in mainland China. W&W supported Mesing Technology in connecting and negotiating with suppliers, eventually helping Mesing achieve a long-term partnership with Bay Materials.