Global Branding

We assist clients to establish their branding presence overseas with a comprehensive marketing strategy. Scroll down to see some examples of our branding work.


Marketing Objectives

Increase Brand Awareness

Enter International Markets

Increase Customer Base

Increase Sales

Unique Selling Points

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W&W is an international team based in UK, China, South East Asia and US.

Market Sense >>

All of our services are based on market research data

Service Above and Beyond >>

Beyond each service, clients will also get professional advice for overall plan.

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Clients will benefit from comprehensive sources from W&W.

Solutions tailored to your business


Promote your branding awareness by updating VI and social medias


Understand the market through an industrial market report or a servey


Make sure your products are eligible for relevant export certificate


Connect with local distributors or wholesale platforms, or set up independent sales


Set up whole supply chain system including logistics and sales management

Xiangnian is a food company specialising in the instant noodle sector and decided to enter the US market in early 2022. W&W helped Xiangnian reshape their branding and produced English packaging in a low carbon, simple hand painted style in order to facilitate their transition into the American market.
Student Safe, a local UK company focus on safety service, would attract more Chinese students for expanding, W&W performed a detailed market research with a 300-people survey and interview.

Student Safe

Grado, founded in Hangzhou, China in 2014. It is an international furniture design brand integrating R&D, production and global sales. W&W has been helping furniture retailers in the UK to build up cooperation with Grado.