Top 10 Made in China Products to Import for Big Profits

1. Fitness Equipment

Fitness equipment such as resistance bands offer entry into a lucrative market with margins as high as 1000%, though demand may reduce with the easing of coronavirus restrictions and the re-opening of gyms.

2. Cosmetics

Cosmetic products such as an anti-wrinkle serum offer reliable sales and margins of up to 50% with demand year round.  

3. Outdoor Supplies

Based on seasonal demands, outdoor supplies can offer high demand with many opting to take camping trips / home vacations while flying overseas can still be an arduous process. Margins can be tempting at up to 500% for products such as compasses or pocket knives.

4. Electronics

While this is a competitive market to enter, profit margins can be reliable at up to 82% for products such as wireless chargers.

5. Fashion Accessories

A low risk product with high demand year round, fashion accessories such as necklaces and bracelets offer margins of up to 300%.

6. Home Décor

Home décor products such as fairy lights, decorative vines or chairs are a lucrative product type to source based on seasonal demand and offer appealing margins of up to 500%.

7. Pillows

An essential product with consistent demand, pillows can deliver steady profits with margins of up to 1500%.

8. Cooking Appliances

Cooking appliances such as air fryers or garlic presses frequently surge in popularity in line with culinary trends and this can be used as an opportunity to make significant profit with margins reaching as high as 70%.

9. Clothing

A staple product to source from overseas, clothing is a reliable product source guaranteed to sell, with children's clothing in particular offering margins as high as 1200% for simple printed t-shirts.

10.Children's Toys

Children's toys are a staple product to import based on their low production cost, with products such as rubber ducks offering margins of over 100%.

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