Social Media Tips Every Business Should Use

1) Be consistent

This will increase the likelihood of customers seeing your post and can also help to entice new customers if your posts are engaging enough. Try to keep your posts short, sweet and trendy as most users/customers take a glance and scroll... A long post might be off putting and therefore could scare off customers.

2) Post content of value to your customers

Social media isn't all about selling. You should interest your followers with relevant material that is interesting and of value to them. By doing so, you are also able to earn their trust which could quickly turn followers into customers.

3) Have an interactive account

Allow potential customers and followers to leave feedback, suggestions, questions and comments. This gives you a chance to learn more about their likes, dislikes and which parts of your posts confuse them. It also gives them a sense of importance and gives you the chance to collect valuable information about what you can do better. This give-and-take tip could also be a good way of gaining their trust as it shows your interest in providing quality items/service.

4) Be authentic

It's important to be true to your brand... If a wrong approach is taken, it's not a surprise that customers will be able to see through the facade. This may leave an impression that you will not deliver what has been promised, or that the brand is not trustworthy. To build a real and powerful following on social media, it's important that you show the brand as it is.

5) Keep an eye out for algorithm changes

This one can be quite tedious as there is no way to look up specific changes to the algorithm but if you see a decline in engagement/increase in advertising, it might be a sign your posts are getting buried by ads. If this happens, the only thing you can do is carry on posting and analyse each post to see if there's a pattern that indicates a change has been made.