JD.com Booming Growth

JD.com, one of our ecommerce contacts that help us help you achieve global branding, were able to secure an agreement with China Media Group to be the only interactive partner of the extremely popular Chinese Spring Festival Gala (an integral TV feature) in 2022. To find out more about their role and what this meant for them, read on…

In 2022, JD.com was the official distributor of the gala’s (virtual) red packets and cash prizes that viewers could claim, simply by interacting with the CMG gala through the JD app on their devices. This led to an astonishing approximate of 69.1 billion interactions with the JD.com app during the gala, making it believable to assume that it could be one of the world’s largest simultaneous user traffic rushes for a single event.

JD.com, using this tactic, was able to show off its e-commerce prowess to a national audience. For one, with almost 70 billion real-time interactions during the gala made possible thanks to JD Cloud (the cloud computing service under JD Technology), they were able to successfully demonstrate the e-commerce’s technological abilities. This, in turn, boosted its image as a reliable e-commerce platform that is more than capable of handling worldwide consumer demands. Additionally, the platform experienced a rush in sales of products that appeared in the gala. To showcase its status as an esteemed and dependable source of cross-border shopping, JD.com recruited China-based diplomats from ten countries to deliver products that their respective nations in-person consumer ordered. The campaign clearly seeks to assure and leave consumers that reside in China with the impression that JD.com is the go-to platform for buying foreign products.