Help to buy

Since the establishment of the company, we have helped 50+ companies seek and select reliable manufacturers as their long-term suppliers and promote to sign the exclusive agency authorization contract for some of the cases. One of our most successful partnerships is with North American online retail titan Yami (Yamibuy).

It is also worth highlighting that in 2020 we helped 10+ clients procure PPE from China and some Southeast Asian countries amidst the scarcity of the global pandemic. Through our ‘Help to Buy’service package, we help you to locate and inspect high-quality manufacturers in Asian countries on your behalf, negotiate over various aspects of the deal to best fit your benefits, and to reduce the chances of importing low-quality products.

We also help you deal with shipment arrangement and issues of import/export duties, tariffs, and taxes with the aim to cut down on expenses and move goods through shipment more quickly, with less risk of a holdup at some point along the supply chain.

Sourcing Consultancy

Different countries have certain requirements for the import and export of different items, and their tariffs vary. We will help you to interpret tariff and shipping issues.

Factory & Suppliers

We will provide our clients with one-stop procurement services, including finding suppliers and international transportation.

Logistics & Duty Support

Our company will compare and select transportation companies for customers, and select the most suitable price and the most reliable plan.

For more details, please click here to download our service brochure.

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